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Integra Dryᵀᴹ Bucket

Each bag absorbs 158% of its weight in moisture and will not absorb below 50% humidity. In addition, they will reduce unwanted odors, and mold.

Prevent Mold Development

Drying is the most important step in making sure that your harvest is profitable. The 5 gallon Integra Dryᵀᴹ Bucket works great for drying rooms. It will absorb moisture, dry your harvest at a faster rate, and reduce humidity levels to prevent mold development. They are easy to use, environmentally safe, and non-toxic.

Qty: 1 Bucket 

Each bucket contains 3 liner bags, so you don't need to use all the desiccant at one time!

Per liner bag:
10 pouches of 300g desiccant each = 3000g desiccant per liner bag

Total per bucket:
9000g of desiccant 

Size Guide:

Approximately 5 grams of desiccant is required for every cubic foot of space.

20’ shipping container or 1172 cubic feet:
Requires 2 of the SNDBUCKET liner bags (6000g of desiccant)

40’ shipping container or 2300 cubic feet:
Requires 4 of the SNDBUCKET liner bags (12,000g of desiccant)


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