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Our 5 Favorite Food Preservation Products: Extending Shelf Life and Keeping Pantry Items Fresh

January 30, 2022

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and, with grocery store shelves wiped out and state-mandated orders to stay inside making their way around the nation—making the food you have on-hand last for the long haul is crucial. Today, then, we’re offering up our favorite food preservation products for everything from optimizing storage to extending shelf-life. Read on for our top picks. 


1. These super-smart food preservation trays

We love Inspire Uplift’s food-preservation trays for storing food without the use of saran wrap. Its eco-friendly resistant film lid acts as an ingenious saran-wrap alternative and helps keep oxygen out once it’s sealed tight. Our favorite part? These odor-proof, stain-resistant, BPA-free trays are also stackable—helping you maximize space in your fridge while minimizing the chance of spoiled leftovers.


2. This one-touch vacuum-storage system

We’re obsessed with this Vacuvita Vacuum Storage System that allows you to safely store everything from crackers and chips to coffee grounds and fresh breads. The container itself vacuum-seals, keeping anything inside of it protected from outside air—and you can also use its vacuum tube and adaptor to vacuum-seal additional external bags and containers. PRO TIP: Be sure to take full-advantage of the Vacuvita app, which helps you keep track of what’s in your pantry and how long of a shelf-life it has left.


3. These standable, sealable, reusable zip-top containers

Skip the single-use plastic bags and opt for a smarter, more eco-friendly option with these reusable zip-top silicone containers. We love that they’re a perfect hybrid between a Ziploc and a Tupperware container—you get the zip-top technology in a reuseable, stackable form for the best of both worlds. 


4. These clean 2-way humidity control packs for food preservation

You didn’t think we’d get through a roundup of food-preservation items without mentioning our industry-leading clean 2-way humidity control packs did you? FDA-approved, made with food grade-ink, and designed to expertly adapt to the air around them (either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed), Integra BOOST™ packs help protect your favorite pantry items from the threat of mold, mildew, or over-drying—without ever altering their taste, smell, or aroma. Simply drop an Integra BOOST™ pack in an enclosed container with any pantry items that tend to fall victim to either overly dry or overly moist air—and let the pack do the work for you. (Psst...you can learn more about using Integra BOOST to extend the shelf-life of your pantry items here.)


5. This digital food dehydrator 

Designed to fit on your kitchen countertop and make dehydrating a breeze, we love this 6-tray digital food dehydrator by Ivation. It allows you to safely dehydrate everything from fresh fruit and herbs to beef slices (homemade jerky, anyone?)—without the use of additives, preservatives, or chemicals.  The best part? Its preset temperature settings, auto shut-off function, and even heat circulation make this the perfect food dehydrator for beginners looking to step up their food preservation game. 

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