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A Breakdown of Three Integra Products: Your At-A-Glance Guide to Each of Our Humidity Control Solutions

January 30, 2022

Whether you’re concerned about protecting your harvest from moisture, mildew, and mold—or have the opposite problem and need to boost humidity levels in overly dry air, the team at Integra has you covered. We’ve spent decades dedicated to relentlessly researching, developing, and quality-control testing the industry’s cleanest humidity control solutions—because we believe safe and effective can (and should) coexist. Today, then, we’re breaking down three of our industry-leading humidity control products so you can decide which is right for your specific needs. Read on for an at-a-glance overview of the top three Integra products customers can’t get enough of. 


1. Integra BOOST Packs
We’ll kick things off with our fan-favorite Integra BOOST packs. These powerful 2-way humidity-control packs do serious double duty—either removing or adding moisture as needed until the air around them reaches the ideal humidity level. Have herbal medicine or rare cigars that are harmed by overly arid air and need a little humidity boost? Simply throw a BOOST pack in an enclosed container and let the packet do the work for you—it will immediately begin to adapt to the air around it, releasing moisture as needed until the environment around it reaches the relative humidity level marked on the packet you chose.

The best part? The same exact product can also remove moisture from the air—if you live in a humid coastal climate and need to protect your favorite herbs, spices, pantry items, and products from the threat of mold and mildew, you’ll take the exact same step: place a BOOST pack in an enclosed area with the products you’re protecting and it will immediately get to work absorbing excess moisture from the air until the environment around it reaches the ideal humidity level. 


Psst..not sure which size or relative humidity level you should choose whenshopping Integra BOOST packs?Check out our Integra BOOST Breakdown post for a tip-to-tail rundown of the options we offer. 


2. Integra Cargo Dry Plus
For larger areas where excess moisture is a problem, Integra Cargo Dry Plus offers the perfect solution. These easy-to-hang strips pack a serious humidity-control punch. Simply hang them anywhere extra moisture is giving you a headache (in your drying room, in closets or cupboards in coastal climates, in your pantry, etc.) and watch it immediately get to work on your behalf—absorbing excess moisture in the air and protecting your favorite items from the threat of mold and mildew, without you so much as lifting a finger. Science-backed? Always. Smart? Of course. Simple? You betcha.


3. Integra Dry Bucket
For those who are fighting a serious excess moisture problem, the Integra Dry Bucket is the ultimate clean humidity-control solution. Perfect for drying rooms and curing rooms, this 5-gallon bucket includes 30 200-gram desiccant bags, each of which will absorb 158% of its weight in moisture without ever letting humidity levels drop below 50%. For those who want to harvest at a faster rate and reduce humidity levels to prevent mold from threatening their harvest, these easy-to-use, environmentally safe, completely non-toxic desiccant bags are the perfect clean solution.

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