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September 11, 2017



Desiccare, the leading manufacturer of controlled atmospheric packaging products, announced the partnership agreement with Acology to manufacture 2-way humidity systems under the MedX brand. Desiccare started delivering 4gr, 8gr, and 67gr packs at 55% RH and 62% RH. Acology’s signature product, the Medtainer™ will now include a 4gram pack in each container. 

Desiccare’s Integra Boost uses patented technology that maintains relative humidity in a contained environment to protect the quality of trichomes and preserve the terpenes. Its main ingredient is glycerin, a natural, non-chemical solution that is derived from plant base extract and is bio-degrabable.

"Desiccare’s Integra Boost has been proven to be the most effective 2-way humidity system for cannabis storage, maintaining vibrant color and freshness using clean and safe solutions. We took a hard look at the science,” said Curt Fairbrother, Acology Inc. CEO, “and reached the conclusion that for preserving potency, quality, and freshness Desiccare's Integra Boost was the obvious choice. Since Acology is also moving into the edibles industry we wanted a comprehensive solution that would work for all our products and our worldwide clients. We’re very pleased with the way Desiccare stepped up and saw the possibilities that a partnership would offer.”

When it comes to quality, we know there’s no substitution.  Desiccare President/CEO, Ken Blankenhorn states: “at Desiccare, quality is our basic principle. Quality in manufacturing is a big part of our success. We produce products using the safest ingredients that are tested not only by our lab, but also by third party labs”.

About Desiccare®, Inc.
Desiccare®, Inc. is an industry leader in controlled atmospheric packaging with a full line of desiccant and sorbent products servicing a variety of industrial & consumer requirements since 1994. Desiccare’s products are trusted by major businesses worldwide for protection in applications for pharmaceutical, food, electronics, transportation, government and many more. Desiccare® is committed to excellence in engineering, production, and customer service by delivering the highest quality products.  Desiccare Inc. is ISO 9000:2008 certified, cGMP certified, QPL certified, FDA Compliant and is compliant with Military requirements.

About MedTainer™, An Acology, Inc. Brand

The MedTainer™ is a pharmaceutical bottle that is water-proof, leech-proof, smell-proof and manufactured from FDA approved #5 polypropylene. The newest innovation of this twice-patented container, and the component that sets the MedTainer apart from other containers, is the engineered addition of a built-in grinder in each container. This simple, easy-to-use grinder is revolutionary in pharmaceutical container manufacturing. Not only can the grinder reduce several pills to powder in less than 30 seconds, the MedTainer is perfect for cannabis storage and smoking or vaping prep. The Medtainer is available in 20 and 40 dram sizes and is the perfect accessory, pill grinder and herb, tea and coffee grinder. The Medtainer is sold throughout the world and has a better than 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Acology trades on the OTC under the call letters ACOL. The company’s websites are www.Acologyinc.com for the hospice and palliative care industry and www.themedtainer.com for the recreational and medical marijuana industry. 

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