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Integra Boost® Breakdown: Which Size & Relative Humidity Level You Need

January 30, 2022

At Integra, we’re all about empowering you to create the perfect balance—which is why we offer our Integra Boost® packs in an array of sizes and at two distinct relative-humidity levels. Below, we break down all you need to know about the different options available in the Integra Boost® line so you can choose the one that’s best for your needs. Read on for our top tips. 

What are Integra Boost® packs?
Integra Boost® packs are two-way humidity control packs that regulate humidity (RH) levels in an enclosed environment. Each pack expertly adapts to the air around it—either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to create the perfect environment for herbal medicine, cigars, and pantry items. 

What are Integra Boost® packs used for?
Our two-way humidity control technology are used to both Boost® humidity levels in air that’s too arid and absorb humidity in places where excess moisture is a problem. Whether you’re in a desert and hoping to keep your herbal medicine from drying out prematurely, or want to keep mold, mildew, and rot at bay—Integra Boost® offers a smart, simple, salt-free solution for creating balance and preserving product integrity. 

What’s in an Integra Boost® pack?
At the core of Integra is our commitment to clean. Integra Boost® packs are a mix of glycerin and water in white kraft paper printed with food-grade inks. Our packs are FDA-approved and completely safe to touch your herbal medicine, cigars, and pantry items. They are free of corrosive salts. Most importantly, they will never alter the taste, smell, or aroma of your product.   

How do I use an Integra Boost® pack?
Integra Boost® packs are simple to use. Simply place a Boost® pack (and the included Replacement Indicator Card) with the contents to be preserved in an enclosed container. The pack will take it from there—releasing or absorbing moisture as needed until the humidity in the enclosed container reaches either 55% or 62% RH (depending on which pack you opted for—more on this below!). 

The pack will continue to work day in and day out—adjusting humidity levels as needed (i.e. if the container is opened and closed) to keep the environment at that Goldilocks level of either 55% or 62% RH. The dot on the included Replacement Indicator Card will turn blue when it’s time to replace your pack with a fresh one. It’s that simple. 

How do I know which size Integra Boost® pack to buy?
Integra Boost® packs come in an array of sizes—below we breakdown our different sizing options and the amount of product each can preserve.

How do I know which relative humidity (RH) level to buy?
The difference between the 55% RH and 62%RH are the humidity levels. 55% adds less moisture and 62% allows for more moisture. Some consumers have favored a slightly drier environment, with an RH as low as 55%. It all depends on your personal preferences and how long you intend to hold onto a given plant. They are both safe levels because they are both within the "ideal range".

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