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October 05, 2020

Grow operation: Moog Droog
Location: Petersburg, Alaska
Grow Operation Type: Indoor​
Canopy Size in Square Footage: 500 sq ft.
What do you use for curing?
"I use Integra Boost packets in the 62 gram size after I whole plant, hang dry (low and slow for three weeks). Once I buck my buds, I preserve them with Integra Boost in black 5 gallon buckets with airtight Gamma Seal screw on lids.
Buds get trimmed, and returned to these buckets for curing. I’ve had many compliments on my perfect drying and curing, and it’s a very important part of protecting and preserving all my hard work."
Which pack do you use and why? 
"I use both the 55 and 62% products and have nothing but compliments on my drying and curing. I put an integra boost packet in every package that leaves my facility. To me it shows I care about my product and I want it to reach the consumer as perfectly preserved as possible.
Shameless advertisement on my part, but I’m a big fan of the Integra product. If you aren’t using Integra or a similar product then you’re behind the curve and taking a big risk. Just to be fair, (other) also makes a great product, but I’m set on Integra myself. Great product, fast response time, and I even get hand written notes and extras when I receive my orders.​"
More Here:  http://moogdroog.com 
It is a pleasure to be a part of your curing process Gary! - Integra Team

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