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What is Limonene?

4 gram pack works with up to 0.5 oz of cannabis flower (14g)

67 gram pack works with up to 1 lb of cannabis flower (453g)

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The Integra Boost® Difference


We believe the most effective solutions can also be the most safe. We’ve dedicated over 22 years to relentless research, endless experimentation, and countless quality-assurance tests—creating humidity-control solutions that are biodegradable, non-toxic, salt-free and FDA compliant.


Taking control of your environment—rather than being at the mercy of it—is tough work. That’s why our team is constantly in the lab expertly engineering products that do the hard work of balancing the environment for you.


Leave the lab coats to our pros—our no-fuss products don’t require a background in chemistry to use them. From hands-free monitoring to 2-way humidity-control technology that expertly adapts to the air around it without you lifting a finger, everything we develop at Integra is created with you—and your time—in mind.


Whether it’s boosting humidity in a dry environment or removing excess moisture (see ya later, mold), our salt-free formula is the cleanest solution to protect your most precious products without affecting their inherent qualities.