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A Note From Integra Regarding Covid-19 & Our Operations

The Covid-19 health crisis is affecting many across the world. At Integra a division of Desiccare, Inc., we are proud that we as well as our mother ship company, Desiccare, are in the unique position of being a supplier to very vital industries during this coronavirus pandemic.  We are on the front lines and must continue operations.  Last week, oxygen absorbers and desiccant orders increased dramatically. These products are integral for food and medicine production and customers are ramping up their orders to meet the expected demand spikes. Therefore, we know that it is our utmost responsibility to move forward with business and keep everyone on our staff safe, healthy and working so that we can continue to provide the world with much-needed packaging safety products. Our company as a whole, at all of our locations, Mississippi, Nevada, California, and Mexico, will be working in close partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state, and local agencies about the latest recommendations and guidance.