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Spanish Cedar Wood Boost® Pack Sleeve

Store more with the Integra Boost® Cedar Wood Pack Sleeve! Saves space inside your humidor by keeping your Boost® packs securely stored inside the lid. Just insert two of our 67 gram size packs and affix it to the inside of the lid with the included magnet. Be sure to use the same RH level in both of the two Boost® packs, otherwise you will reduce the efficacy.

Why Spanish Cedar Wood?

Spanish Cedar wood provides a superior moisture balancing effect without warping, weakening, or cracking. This unique species of tree is technically a type of mahogany, and has a plethora of special properties. Spanish Cedar wood is able to absorb more humidity than other types of wood. You can use our 84% RH Boost® Packs with the Cedar Wood Pack Sleeve to pre-season your humidor before you add your precious collection. As the wood in your humidor swells up from the absorbed moisture, it also seals the seams in the construction, thereby providing a more contained environment. Spanish Cedar wood is also believed to help maintain the flavor of your collection over time and improve the flavor with aging. Our Pack Sleeve is especially useful for experiencing the benefits of cedar wood in non-wood humidors.


  • Made from real Spanish Cedar
  • Holds two 67g size Boost ® packs (not included)
  • Use with 84% RH for pre-seasoning, or use with 69-75% RH for long-term storage
  • Attaches to the inside of the humidor lid with internal magnet
  • Safe to directly touch consumable products
  • Cedar wood for superior moisture balance
  • Cutaway edges for easy pack replacement
  • Frees up space inside your humidor
  • Dimensions: 8.25" L x 7" W x 0.75" D


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